Input & Output devices

Input devices:-Input devices mean the devices that enter the information in to the computer. Ex: – Keyboard        Mouse Output devices:-The data that come out from the computer. Ex:- Printer       Monitor       Speakers

I. Input:- Computer takes some information into the user this information is called Input. II. Process:- Computer takes some time to perform the calculations this is called process. III. Output:- Computer displaying result is called Output.

a. Key board:- Keyboard is used to enter the text in to a computer. b. Mouse:-Mouse is used to control the position of the pointer on the screen and to select. c. Monitor:- The monitor looks like a television screen. It is a ‘Face’ of the computer. d. C.P.U :- C.P.U stands for Central processing
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Characteristics of the Computer:-  Advantages Ø High Speed Ø Accuracy Ø Storage Capability Ø Diligence Ø Versatility Ø Reliability Ø Automation 1. Computer is an automatic machine. 2. Computer is a very fast device. 3. It can perform millions of calculations in a few seconds as compared to man who          will
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