CorelDRAW User interface , Hide/Show Option’s

CorelDRAW User interface , Hide/Show Option’s

CorelDRAW User interface , Hide/Show Option’s

Corel DRAW: User Interface

In this part you will learn how to select and use basic tools, how to define outlines and fills, and how to use some fundamentals of object-based drawing.

The Title Bar shows the name and path of the current file.

The Menu Bar allows access to the program’s drop-down menus when you click on the item’s name.

The Status Line shows the current mode and information about the currently selected object.

The Toolbox contains the basic drawings and manipulation tools used to create drawings. You click on the icon to change the mouse pointer into the desired tool.

The Tool fly-out menus provide access to several additional options that open when you click on their icons.

The Rulers are used for precise measurement of an object on the page.

The Work Area and Page are used for drawing and manipulating objects.

A roll-up menu is a selection box that gives access to the options for the Text tool and certain special effects in the work area without having to use the regular menu bar.

The Page Counter appears only when you have more than one page in drawings file and is used to move from one page to another.

Windows Scroll Bars are used for moving the area displayed in the active Window.


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